Jefferson City should be a place where our elected officials work together to MOVE MISSOURI FORWARD. I will always put the interests of ALL the people ahead of personal or special interests. Too often it seems like our elected public officials just aren’t listening. I promise to be accessible and to be a good listener.


I am Pro-Choice.  I have been Pro-choice for as long as I can remember.  I value people getting to make their own health choices and not having legislators interrupt those choices in any way.  It is between the doctor and the patient. When I was 17 years old, I was full of hope for my future and starting to consider which college I would attend after high school.  Then I found out I was pregnant.  I was blessed to have a man who stood beside me and committed to our decision to have the baby girl and raise a family together.  Not before considering ALL of my options, though.  Yes, I considered abortion.  It is unfathomable to me that my daughters and grandkids will not have the same rights as I did back in the 1980’s! Please consider sending me to Jefferson City where I will fight to reverse the extremist legislation that has been put into law in this state.  We need it for the women of this state.  We owe it to the younger generations.


We need to end pay-to-play politics where the biggest donors dictate policy decisions. I’m running to make sure your voice is heard over the high paid lobbyists, dark money super-PACs, and billionaires pushing their own special interest agendas.


As a former teacher, I am acutely aware of the erosion of funding and support for our public schools.  I plan to ask for a review of the State Foundation Formula, support raising the starting teacher pay, get our schools fully funded again and push for free preschool for all 4-year-olds in the state.  Missouri ranks 49th out of 50 states in spending on education. When the state is not meeting its commitment to our local public schools, then districts are forced to turn to the community and ask for increases in our property taxes. Investing in our children pays for itself many times over by helping prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and to succeed in life.


Legislators should respect the will of the voters, instead of making it harder to use the initiative petition process. As citizens of Missouri we have the right to gather signatures on petitions to place issue on the ballot for all the voters to decide. But our current legislator is sponsoring legislation to make it harder for such petitions to get on the ballot. In fact, the legislation he proposes would make it all but impossible for citizens to bring forward issues like Missourians did for Medicaid Expansion, Clean Missouri, and Medical Marijuana. I will respect the will of the voters and guard the right of the people to bring important issue to the ballot box.


We haven’t seen the same level of state investment in rural and small city infrastructure. I’ll see we get our fair share to make our roads and bridges safer. When infrastructure dollars come into Missouri, I’ll fight to see the roads and bridges of our district receive equal priority to those of St. Louis and Kansas City. I’ll also work to bring broadband internet service to all areas of our district and rural Missouri. I’m also in solidarity with Missouri’s family farms in opposing CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and would give local control back to county health departments to regulate them.


I believe we should revise the Missouri Property Tax Credit law for seniors and those with disabilities to make it automatic. We also need to freeze property tax increases for our seniors so they aren’t taxed out of their own homes or farms. The state should also look into how to help seniors afford dental work and hearing aids which Medicare does not cover. Over 70% of seniors have no dental insurance. We need to help fund at-home services for seniors who want to be able to remain in their own homes but need some assistance.


The rights of workers must be defended. I will strongly oppose so-called Right-To-Work which is designed to lower wages for working families. I support collective bargaining and helping young people get training in skilled trades for those who may not want to go to college.


Everyone agrees the cost of healthcare is too high. We need to get past the political games and work to lower costs and improve access for everyone. Voters approved expanding Medicaid coverage and the Missouri General Assembly should follow through. No one should have to go bankrupt because of a medical emergency.

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